Get Ready....Show Season Signals Social Media Opportunities!

Agri-business events are always a brilliant networking opportunity, but also a great chance to learn new things and catch up on the latest advances in technology and such like. However, there is also another advantage to agri-business events that many attendees don’t take advantage of - the social media opportunities.

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In this article, we would like to help you make the most of social media for all the agri-business events you attend this Summer.

The Build Up – How To Create A Buzz

You can start reaping the benefits of social media opportunities before the agri-business event even starts. Many of the events and conferences that you attend will have a social media account, which is most often on Twitter, and they will have a hashtag too; for example, the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh later this year has the hashtag #HighlandShow which is already being used by attendees that are going to the show and even those businesses that are exhibiting there.

By following the hashtag on Twitter and tweeting with the hashtag too you will be able to engage with other exhibitors and attendees. You can start building relationships with them and even arrange to meet up the night before the event if they are staying in the area or meet at the event for a formal conversation.

If you are exhibiting at an event you can publicise this on social media, talk about what will be at your stand and what people can gain by coming to see you. As you have marketing materials and goodies arrive for the exhibition, tweet and share photos and latest news to create a buzz about your attendance; people will then feel that they must come and find you at the event.

When you know your stand number you can share this so people can find you easily, and it’s a good idea to upload a photo of your stand at the event so people know what to look out for. Every time you tweet make sure you include a social media link to the event as well as the hashtag as it is likely they will share this update with all their followers too so you can reach out to even more attendees, exhibitors and possible customers and clients.

At The Event – Building On Relationships

When you are at your agri-business event continue using social media to talk about the event, give your views on talks, presentations and exhibitors and people will continue to engage with you. If you have meetings arranged from the build-up of the event then make sure you update social media to say that you are looking forward to your meeting with (insert their name here) at (insert event name and hashtag here) – this will then encourage others to have a meeting with you too, especially if you are meeting with their competitor as they will want to make sure they aren’t missing out on anything.

Once you have met with someone, whether it was a pre-arranged meeting, or you just got chatting to someone, post an update on social media to say you have enjoyed catching up with that person, or if they are an exhibitor take a photo of them at their stand. This will help to build on the relationship and it will promote you as a person/business that cares about others and has a real interest in the industry.

After The Event – Follow Up And Measurement

When the agri-business event is over it doesn’t mean that the social media opportunities are over. You will have collected marketing materials and business cards from other attendees and most of these will have social media accounts on them so you can connect with them on different social media platforms and continue engaging and building on that relationship. Remember to keep including the event social media details and their hashtag as they will continue sharing your updates and promoting your business for you.

Take a look at your social media reach and see if more people are viewing your posts, and review your Google Analytics to see if there has been a rise of traffic from social media sites to your website – this will be the real measurement of success for the event and your social media activities.

Source: Social Jungle