How to use video for agricultural social media

Video, continues to be one of the most valuable formats for rural businesses to leverage.

Mass influence forms a major part of this strategy. You need to be online and communicating effectively if you want to shape the conversation or to counter against mistruths.

We are very clear when delivering training that the objectives of using social media for business are to “create an audience of engaged followers who can then be converted into customers”.

When engaging online, it is a prime opportunity to build better connections with your current and potential future customer base. There is no reason why agriculture and rural industries cannot take advantage of this digital space. Hence why the use of video and the ability to create video content in multiple formats and tie in to written content is crucial to help demonstrate authenticity across the rural sectors.

So how do you go about using video for agricultural social media?

Take time to understand where your audience is.

Are they on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn? The average UK social media user will spend nearly two hours per day on various social networking sites. This means there is ample opportunity to try and connect, and to strategise what your “return on conversation” is going to be and so make sure you know what the tone and content of your “voice” should be.

Tell your story

Video is increasingly important to social algorithms, and so don’t assume your audience understands, rather take time to explain and tell your own story.

Storytelling helps to captivate attention through the power of visuals and ensures your brand stands out in an increasingly crowded and noisy online environment. With video, don’t overdo it or let the viewer get the feeling it is forced or contrived. Keep it concise, punchy and natural.

Keep it short and sweet

Three minutes will be more than enough time for the video length. Experiment as much as you wish, but a video of under one minute can still tell a great story and share great content.

Showcase your knowledge and surroundings

Videos, especially when talking to camera rather than just standing behind it, are a great opportunity to showcase knowledge, welfare, conservation and other expertise, as well as networking, promotion, and answering consumer and customer queries.

The concept “FaceTime a Farmer”, pioneered by Tom Martin, a farmer from Cambridgeshire, really uses video to the best of its functionality and appeal by connecting farmers on farm with schoolchildren in the classroom, but without any geographical or health and safety barriers.

Businesses who are not yet using video need to start to do so quickly

There are some really easy tools to assist also, whether this is by use of an app that modifies the appearance of the video in some way, or just using FaceTime or Skype or the in-app camera feed to share thoughts.

Your mobile device is far more than a phone

Over 50% of all web traffic is generated via mobile devices and so how you use social media on the move defines your ability to influence. Being mobile is now commonplace; the biggest challenge is capturing attention. Make use of the amazing apps and features now contained within the device we now all take for granted.

If you haven’t tried video yet, now is definitely the time to start.

With social media, it might sometimes be seen as the perfect version of ourselves. But videos allow that online identity to have more of a personality, and by creating better connections with the wider world, stories can be told faster and with much more effect.

Who are Social Jungle?

Industry experts Alison Teare and Simon Haley formed Social Jungle in 2016 to provide social media masterclasses, advice, strategy and training to the agriculture, food and rural business sectors.

We believe the positive power of social media offers massive opportunities for those who are willing to learn to use the social platforms to form strong relationships with existing and perspective customers, to build their brand and to market their businesses.

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