Business Mastery - Social Media Integration 

What we do

Integrating effective social media into your business or organisation requires; planning, strategy, training and measurement. Business Mastery is our ultimate social media offering.  

The experts at Social Jungle provide exactly what you need:

  • A strategy to ensure you stay ahead of the competition
  • Industry specific social media training developed as a bespoke package for your organisation

Social media that:

  • Attracts great people to your organisation
  • Brings new leads and builds relationships
  • Raises awareness of your organisation and keeps you top of mind
  • Positions you as the experts in your sector

What makes us different:

There are many general ’one-off ’ social media courses available and already out there, but these are usually not industry specific and will not ultimately lead to a joined up social approach to attracting new business.

We bring a wealth of experience and proven results in the social media space meaning that your planning and training is delivered by industry experts. But we don’t just understand social media – we understand and are experts in the agricultural, food, and rural business sectors.

With Simon’s strengths in business planning, strategy and development, and Alison’s strength and knowledge in marketing, communication and PR expertise, there’s no need for it to be a Social Jungle out there!

How it works

Social media opens a new global marketplace to everyone. For the first time you are competing on a level playing field with your competitors regardless of size.

Building the strategy

Social Strategy Workshop

Working with Senior Management

Building a strong and sustainable strategy is critical to the success of your social media.

Effective social media can only be achieved with understanding and direction from senior management.

Working with the senior management team is an essential part of our unique integration process; it is critical to the social media engagement process and is absolutely necessary to achieve success.

Working together we:

  • Identify your business objectives for social media and discover what you want to achieve
  • Assess your competitive environment and identify opportunities to gain advantage
  • Discover who your ideal customers are and how you will attract them using social media

The outcomes...

Social Strategy Pathway

You will receive a Social Strategy Pathway document written specifically for your organisation containing the outcomes and strategy developed from the brainstorming and workshop process.

Training Framework

In addition you will be provided with a recommended Training Framework document which guides you through the social media jungle and shows the steps you would need to follow to achieve a truly integrated social media presence that works!


We know that keeping new projects on track is one of the hardest goals to achieve and that is why we provide a service to measure your progress throughout the project. Providing additional training and working alongside your organisation to help you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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