Training Units

Each element of the training is prepared exclusively for your organisation and based on your objectives. It includes real life examples and addresses current issues, relevant to management, marketing, competition, sales and human resources. We ensure your team has the skills needed to achieve social media excellence.

Facebook Basics

How can we make Facebook work for business?
Understanding how Facebook works is the key to generating lead and sales. Our training uses real life examples from your industry to explain and demystify Facebook, teaches you how to get the great engagement and how to achieve the best results.

Facebook Advanced

Dives into the analytics behind Facebook and shows you how to target your ideal customers, including laser targeted advertising and how to measure results.

Targeted advertising is a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and can save your organization £££ each year.

Taking control and understanding this powerful tool is a must!


Owned by Facebook, Instagram has its own passionate audience which can be highly effective for certain industries, their link to Facebook can produce great results when used in unison as part of an overall strategy.
Learn to use imagery and harness the power of social media to a younger customer audience.

Video Confidence

Building an engaged community with your social media is now paramount to social media success. By far the best way to achieve this is to showcase your knowledge and expertise through video and live video.  We know that this can be one of the hardest skills to master but those who overcome their fears can see really great results.  We create bespoke training, delivered in a knowledgeable, friendly and fun training session.

Twitter Basics

What is a hash tag? What does re-tweeting mean?

Understand the terminology and the platform and soon this will become an addictive medium. Great for breaking news, sharing information, and finding common interest, the Twitter world becomes a lot easier to navigate with our training.

Twitter Advanced

Discover the art of scheduling posts, increasing engagement rates, targeting customers, and measuring analytics against objectives. A tweet can be shared far and wide, with little effort and no expense. We’ll teach you how to go viral and to integrate this platform so it becomes an essential part of your marketing communication strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

Every business is fighting to get to the top of Google.

Learn how to get the best organic traffic to your business. Ensure your online presence doesn’t let you down and make sure your search engine optimisation gets you noticed


LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly powerful influencer for professional businesses. Many people see the LinkedIn platform solely as a social version of their CV. What most people don’t realise is the potential

LinkedIn provides value as a recruitment tool, and for creating new leads, customers and opportunities which helps to position your business as the experts in your sector.

Learning to use LinkedIn correctly is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd

Social Media Policies & Procedures

Every member of your team can become your social advocate if they understand how they can help. Employee advocacy is worth £££ to your business. Conversely lack of clear policies mean you risk £££ from social media mistakes and damaged reputation. Do your employees know what is expected of them? We can help to get the right policies and procedures in place.

HR & Recruiting

Attracting the best people to your business is critical.

Does your social media give the best impression and make your organisation look like a great place to work? Learn how to use platforms such as LinkedIn to search; shortlist and advertise for the best candidates and save money and reliance on external recruitment companies.

New Social Media Set-Up

We make sure your existing platforms are set up correctly or we help you create new platforms; we ensure the page looks great, has consistent corporate branding and has maximum search engine optimisation (SEO). We can even integrate social management tools such as Hoot suite across the platforms.